DIY Cement and Cork Coasters

I’ve been loving some of the DIY cement project similar to these (Here and Here), so I decided to make my own. These coasters are simple, small and easy to make.

Version 2




What You’ll Need

  • Foam: This will create a mold to pour cement into (look in your dollar store)
    • 1: 3”x3 (Base)
    • 2: 3”x1″(Sides)
    • 2: 2¾”x1 (Sides) (This will make a perfect square, depending on the thickness of your foam)
  • Cork
    • 1: 3”x3” (Base Piece)
    • 1: 2 ½” x ½ (Top Piece)
  • Glue
  • Non stick cooking spray (most important)
  • Ruler
  • Cement

Note: measurements make one coaster


  1. Cut all pieces to size
  2. Mark a line at ¼” on one side of the foam, to create a fill line
  3. Glue foam sides to base, to make a mold
  4. Tape all sides to secure
  5. Spray non stick cooking spray inside box (MOST IMPORTANT STEP)
  6. Mix and pour cement into mold up to the fill line
  7. Once dry (20 Minutes) Glue base cork to cement, then glue top cork to cement
  8. Pour a drink and enjoy!

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